Sunday, September 28, 2008

Designing with the Trash

I did finish the Flutterby blocks and here they are all stacked up awaiting the design wall audition. There are 39 blocks in all and once it is pieced and quilted the quilt will reside in the reading-music room in Meyers Chuck, Alaska.  I think it will look so spiffy nonchalantly thrown on the daybed awaiting a friend who needs a good book, a cup of tea and a cozy quilt. 

Now, for the "trash" part of todays blog. After finishing Flutterby, I looked in the trash bin and lo and behold, what did I see....scraps. Color coordinated little snips of Flutterby fabric. Too good to just throw away. So like any ecolo
gical quilter, I used the little pieces to make a little art quilt which will be in the post tomorrow to the Alzheimer's Art 
Quilt Initative. This is a worldwide effort started by Ami Sims to raise money for research. The quilts will be up for auction soon. Check out the web site for further details.

I will post a pic of the little quilt tomorrow.  Stay tuned.....

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Ruth said...

Love your blog! Can hardly wait to be the friend that gets to read (nap) under the Flutterby. Ruth